USS Mississippi – SSN 782

Finally. After two years of the nuclear power training pipeline, I have reported for duty aboard the USS Mississippi – SSN 782. It feels amazing to be doing what I’ve trained so long for. The boat also seems to have an awesome wardroom and crew. I’m excited about working with them for the next 36 months and anticipating all the amazing things we might get into.

A couple days ago, I had my first meal on the boat – chicken fajitas with some sort of green soup, haha. I thought it was fitting that I got to enjoy it sitting with the COB – undoubtedly his meals eaten on the boat number in the thousands. It was pretty good, especially for $3.95 for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is only $2.15, so it comes out to ~$10/day to eat on the boat.

Another amazing thing I got to do was render honors to the the USS Minnesota – SSN 783, as it passed by us docked at Electric boat on the Thames river on its way to Subase New London. It was an inspiring sight to see it pass by and sound our whistle. I can’t wait until we get underway ourselves!